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Best Natural Hair Loss Treatments

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Hair loss is a global issue. Men, women and even children experience hair loss at any point in time. It has been with us since the olden days and thus traditional treatments have been around for sometime now. A Natural hair loss treatment is formulated to provide the same effects of traditional synthetic medicines, but is course are sourced naturally.

Here are some natural hair loss treatments you may take advantage of

• Saw Palmetto
This is an herbal DHT blocker. It exhibits fewer side effects as compared to other DHT inhibitors.

• He Shou Wu
This is available in tea and capsule form. This is a Chinese herbal hair loss supplement for pattern baldness.

• Gingko Biloba
This is a natural hair loss treatment used to improve blood circulation. It therefore delivers healthy blood to hair follicles and thus promotes hair regrowth.

• Green Tea
Green tea is believed to inhibit the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Taking several cups of green tea a day will help inhibit the production of DHT. Green tea is also available in capsule form intended as a natural hair loss treatment.

• Scalp Massage
What is the most natural treatment for hair loss but a massage? Massage the scalp to improve the blood circulation coming to the hair follicles. It will therefore increase the chances of hair growth.

• Diet and Exercise
Another way to stop hair loss naturally is avoiding vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiency is a common cause of hair loss especially for those who undergo crash dieting. Exercise, on the other hand, improves proper blood circulation. Thus, it is a natural hair loss remedy as well.

• All Natural Antiandrogens

There are antiandrogens that are naturally formulated to counteract the production of DHT( One good product is Inhairit. Inhairit is an all-natural hair loss treatment specially formulated by doctors who are experts in hair care. It helps avoid the effects of DHT, likewise cleanses the scalp, and prepares an environment for new and healthy hair.
There are other natural hair loss remedies( Your hair care professional will be able to assess your condition and recommend the best treatment. If you must, ask the doctor for a natural remedy and he will have tons to recommend.

If your hair loss problem is already in an advanced stage, you will need to combine the treatment with natural hair loss remedies and other treatments available. Surgery and low laser therapy may also be advised dependent on the severity of your hair loss problem

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