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e-Stars & IEM NYC Qualifier

Datum: 01.09.2011 - 03:12 Uhr 0 Kommentare

It\'s been about a week since e-Stars MSI Beat It 2011 ended in Seoul and I finally found the time to blog about the event. It was fun to visit the South Korean capitol for the first time since me and naSu spent almost six weeks living there at the end of 2005 for one of the long WEG Seasons organized by the same people who now run e-Stars and WEM. Since it\'s been a while after the event and we failed in producing blogs daily, I won\'t go too much into detail about the random daily activities but rather focus on just how the matches went and if we did anything else interesting that day. I arrived hours before anyone on my team so by the time they got in to the hotel, I already made plans with CAN from e-Stars to go get dinner together. naSu bailed due to being tired but the rest of us went to get Korean BBQ with some soju and beer, so we headed to the (for CS players who have visited Seoul) legendary Monkeybar and Uncle 29s for drinks. The young kids on our team bailed out early followed up by plastE a bit later so I stayed out with some people from other teams to socialize, drink some beers and as it turned out a bit later that night, sing karaoke, but we\'ll leave it at that. Next day we didn\'t really do much at all, woke up late, watched some demos, tried to mentally prepare for the mousesports game on de_inferno and had Korean BBQ for dinner; as always. It was the night before the event begun so going out wasn\'t an option, althouhg to be fair all of us were tired early on anyways.

The event finally started on our third day in Seoul, we started off well against mouz going up 4-0 as CTs on inferno before starting to lose a ton of close rounds due to little mistakes costing us important kills, and we actually were down 6-7 before winning the last two rounds to at least end the half at 8-7. As terrorists we started off well, going up 5-1 with complete money control on our side but after that something ridiculous happened as it felt like we just kept giftwrapping one round away after another, losing an afterplant after an afterplant no matter how good the odds were. In the end, we actually lost 13-16, despite having been up 13-8 at a point; weak play by us. Later on that day we beat the local Korean team ONEPIECE on de_train easily, giving up five rounds as CTs after a pistol loss and then quickly ending it as terrorists with a final score of 16-6.

Next day started off with a clash against the best Korean team, project_kr (former WemadeFOX). Tuscan is a good map for us and as far as I could tell, they hadn\'t played it all that much so we were clearly the better team in the match. I think we were up somewhere around 9-0 before losing our first round and actaully got to 13-1 lead at a point as the attackers, but due to losing a deagle buy early in the second half ended up giving up five rounds total before winning the game. After our win we were quickly called up to setup on the main stage, where we took on fnatic on de_mirage. We had a big win over Lions on the map in the first IEM Guangzhou Global Challenge pre-qualifier, but we still felt like fnatic was the favorite on it (although I think we\'re better on the normal maps) due to having played it at a couple of DreamHack tournaments giving them some match experience. We won a ton of close rounds as CTs and ended the half with a really good 10-5 score, although mirage is usually a really terrorist sided map. Second half we won the pistol but lost a third round buy and things weren\'t looking very good until BASiC came up with a huge 1v3 clutch and turned the match around, giving us a 16-9 win in the end.

In our last match at the event we played Na`Vi on inferno; it was a match we didn\'t really stand a chance in as it felt like we had ran out of juice before the match even started. To be fair, they are also a better team than we are right now, but I don\'t think the final score of 3-16 is really a fair comparison of how we match up. In any case, they were the better team and they knocked us out of the tournament at an okay but not by any means great 5-6th placing (6,000,000 KRW ~ $5,500). I think it reflects our current level fairly well as I think we are in the 5-8th best in the world group, not good enough to beat FX, SK, Na`Vi and mTw (consistently at least) but still up there to beat other teams and get the occasional upset. The next two days in Seoul I went out with a lot of different people and enjoyed the night life as well as Korean BBQ, as I did every day of my stay in the country. I ended up running into some trouble with getting to the airport in time for my flight home but luckily my ticket was changable for free so I simply stayed an extra day hanging out with my friend Thorin from SK, rather than having to pay $150 for a last minute taxi to the airport.

We decided to take the last week completely off of team practice due to me getting sick and everyone feeling like we needed some rest after having played a ton of CS before e-Stars, and it definitely showed in our last nights effort in the first IEM NYC Global Challenge pre-qualifier. We beat the German EPS team TERA easily on nuke with a score of 16-3, and even showed signs of good play against LDLC after losing nuke in OT 18-21 (after being up 10-3 as terrorists) with big wins on de_train (16-3) and de_tuscan (16-6). We were completely outmatched against mTw though, only winning nine rounds combined in an entire Bo3 which was a pathetic effort from us, but a good wake up call to make sure everyone knows we have to put in work this week both as a team and individually if we want to keep our hopes of qualifying for the Global Challenge in the Big Apple alive.

That\'s all for now, I will try to write another blog next weekend after the second IEM NYC Global Challenge pre-qualifier to update you guys on that went for us. The easiest way to stay up to date with our team is to become a fan of both Tomi \"lurppis\" Kovanen and WinFakt on Facebook as we try to update you guys with anything from matches and HLTV ips to blogs and interviews over there!