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Logos Resources

On this page you can find all the images and logo's which are used for Anexis branding. These files are the property of Anexis eSports e.V. and are prohibited from any modifications without prior written consent. Feel free the following logos and images in the promotion of Anexis eSports through banners or media content. High resolution photographs and images can be provided upon request.

Anexis Plain Logo
WHITE logo (5000*5000)
BLACK logo (5000*5000)
.EPS file (vector, professional program needed)

Graphical 3D Logo
WHITE background (1920*1080)
TRANSPARENT bg (1920*1080)

Graphical 3D Artwork
WHITE background (1000*1000)
TRANSPARENT bg (1000*1000)
TRANSPARENT plain (1000*1000)

Anexis Team Logo
LOW resolution (180*180)
MEDIUM resolution (500*500)
HIGH resolution (1000*1000)
.EPS file (vector, professional program needed)

Wallpaper Glass
Concept Glass (1920*1080)

Wallpaper Royalty
Concept Royalty 1 (1920*1080)
Concept Royalty 2 (1920*1080)
Concept Royalty 3 (1920*1080)

Wallpaper Colours
Orange (1920*1080)
Black (1920*1080)
Deep Blue (1920*1080)

Wallpaper Games
League of Legends (1920*1080)
Call of Duty 4 (1920*1080)