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ZOWIE COD4 Challenge #5

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The next day, would be that day when Excello is organising yet another ZOWIE Gear Call Of Duty 4 Challenge, which has the fifth of version already, that gives Call of Duty 4 another online tournament, offering five ZOWIE G-TF Speed mousepads to the winners of this 128 team amazing cup, Which, in fact, could be quite bearable for the community.

It has not been a long time since ZOWIE has actively participated in the Call of Duty Promod scene ( around about January 2012), but for now, I am happy to announce that excello has came out of hiding for the ZOWIE COD4 Challenge once again! A possible 128 teams will be battling it out on Monday 28th May (tomorrow) for five ZOWIE P-TF Speed mouse mats, a fast and thinner version of the highly popular G-TF.

If you and your team are interested in taking part in the competition, please follow that link to find out how to sign up, AND, in case, if you may have not yet participated in this tournament, do not panic, because all the information you should know can be found by clicking here.

Tournament Schedule

  • Round 1. Round 2. : Monday 28th May 2012
  • 20:00 - VETO Best of 1 (Bo1)
  • 21:00 - VETO Best of 1 (Bo1)


  • Round 3. Round 4 : Wednesday 30th May 2012
  • 20:00  - VETO Best of 1 (Bo1)
  • 21:00  - VETO Best of 1 (Bo1)


  • Quarter and Semi Finals: Monday 4th June 2012
  • 20:00 - VETO Best of 1 (Bo1)
  • 21:00 - VETO Best of 3 (Bo3)


  • GrandFinal : Wednesday 6th June 2012
  • 20:00  - VETO Best of 3 (Bo3)



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