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Verdi wins the ProLeague Maps Invitational

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Anexis Verdi have defeated RoX.KiS Pro7ecT and Na'Vi HappyZerg in the ProLeague Maps Invitational to claim the 1st place and 50$ prize.

The ProLeague Maps Invitational makes part from a series of tournaments organized by in colaboration with This time, four known players in the CIS region were invited by the organizers to play in a single elimination bracket with the first place getting a 50$ reward.

Our Russian Starcraft II player managed to beat RoX.KiS Pro7ecT in the semi finals to face Na'Vi HappyZerg in the grand final. The grand final match was not an easy one but Verdi managed to beat him with a 3-2 score on maps.

ProLeague Maps Invitational - final standings:

1. Russian Federation Anexis Verdi - 50$
2. Ukraine Na'Vi HappyZerg
3/4. Korea RoX.KiS Pro7ecT
3/4. Russian Federation RoX.KiS Abver


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