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Verdi to play WCG-Russia Qualifier

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The most competitive Anexis-eSports e.V player, Artem "Verdi" Avramenko will attend WCG-Russia Qualifier this weekend to win a spot for the WCG Russia finals.

There will be two online qualifiers, on Sunday will take place the first qualifier, while the second one will take place next weekend. The best two players from each qualifier will receive spots in the Russian finals. Therefore, at WCG Russia finals which will take place in Moscow on 31 August, will be four Starcraft II players and just two will earn paid spots to WCG 2013.

66 players are already registered in the first qualifier, including our Protoss, Artem "Verdi" Avramenko. The system is best-of-one, single elimination bracket. The action goes live Sunday morning, so for all your updates and our results, be sure to follow us on your favourite social network.


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