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Razer launch All-new Mechanical Switches on the Razer BlackWidow

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Razer™, the world leader in entertainment devices and software, today announced the launch of the world’s first mechanical switch designed by Razer specifically for gaming – the Razer Mechanical Switch.

Instead of the usual third-party keys manufacturing, this time the engineers from Razer bring the new layout developed in Razer headquarters in order to provide better experience by both casual and professional gamers.

Razer introducts the promotional video for the new BlackWidow

The new switches on the Razer BlackWidow have a lighter and smoother feel,allowing me to play at a faster pace than before.

It's comfortable and solid - perfect for long practice sessions and tournaments.

Jens "Snute" Aasgaard - Team Liquid

Improvements from the standard Cherry MX switches, which we all are more familiar with, include:

1. Faster actuation and reset points

2. Reduced tolerance levels

3. Greater durability

The Razer Mechanical Switches are found exclusively on the Razer BlackWidow family of keyboards, but will also be open to other gaming peripheral manufacturers to use in the near future.

It’s very important that come launch, we have your support in announcing and promoting the new mechanical switches by:

1. Using the attached assets to create your website posts

2. Promoting the announcement (and sharing Razer posts) on social media

3. Educating your players and staff on the new keys, how they are an improvement on the norm, and how they will impact gaming as a whole

4. Encouraging all players to promote this on their own social media

"“Instead of focusing solely on typing comfort, astraditional mechanical switches have done, we hadto completely rethink the conventional approach behind the actuation and reset points of mechanical switchesin order to fine-tune them for gaming."

"Our engineers’focus for the specificationwas on speed, accuracy and durability to bring the unfair advantage to gamers worldwide. The new switch makes the most popular gaming keyboard in the world even better"

Min-Liang Tan - CEO and Creative director at Razer"

The all new Razer Mechanical Switch comes in two types: The Green switch that is tactile and clicky,requiring a force of 50g to be activated, and the Razer Orange switch that is tactilesilent, requiring a force of 45g to be activated.


For more information aboutthe Razer Mechanical Switches along with the Razer BlackWidow range of gaming keyboards, please visit this link.

This will surely launch a completely new sphere for the gaming fans with another brilliant move from Razer.


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