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Insomnia46! Signups Open

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The previous event of i45 has recently came to an end and the organizers of Multiplay have done an awesome job in bringing altogether players from all over the world and even further afield, providing them with an amazing atmosphere. With a fiddle-faddle 13 teams were attending within CoD4, the 45th Insomnia event, Multiplay has managed that they have the capability to provide the best event possible, hosting fantastic tournaments and providing more than enough space to fit up for a huge turnout, even if the candidates are lesser than it was expected.

With an increased prize pot to €2500, the organizers of I46 would be offering a fantastic sign-up-and-get-ticket action, which means that if you will be registering before June 6th at 6pm, you and your team would get 20% off from the main entry fee, and making your BYOC ticket cost £73.60. In addition, if the organizers will receive a full of 64 teams registered, then they will be increasing the prize pool further!


(Call of Duty 4 Grandfinal: TCM-Gaming vs Adroits)

If you would be attending on this event and having a great time with the best of the best, please have a look around, here, how to sign-up and what to expect from a fun tournament during that momentous weekend.


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