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In Your Head Take In EternalZ

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French team In Your Head announced that Olivier eternalz Madge joins their team for CS:GO.

In Your Head has taken a second place in the French pre-qualification for ESWC 2012, and will continue to fight for LAN national final, the day before the grand final of the World Cup. Former fifth team player Benjamin skall Akiayya decided to try his luck in PRIME, winners of the pre-qualification.

(The team in action)

Olivier was also inactive at the last few months, but for now after much time, he has reunited with his former comrades nSydia, one of the best French teams in recent years.

The team has announced that the upcoming event will be played under the tag of, including qualifying ESWC.

Fabien "atLaNtis" Deguiraud
Jérôme "HeUkA" Bassat
Rémy "RevZ" Prieur
Olivier "eternalz" Metge
Geoffroy "fRoyGe" Cannesson

In addition to performing at the ESWC team plans at this stage is not known, the team may try to get to NorthCon and DreamHack Winter.


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