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H2k Gaming On Board - Again

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Yes, you heard correctly. H2k Gaming have returned once again after a period of over months/years away from the scene and will go back to being one of the EU's most competitive gaming teams.

Following it's launch in almost 10 years ago H2k achieved many reputable awards, including a number of Gold Medals at several lan finals back in 2005. Having been away from the competitive gaming arena since months or even years, the team will now be looking to better those results with the aid of an experienced and renewed management team and a big drive to secure and support new teams and players with bounds of class and potential.

A partnership has been formed with team of Golden Oldies, which could be for H2k Gaming the best choice they have ever made - at least for now. After that, concomitant their resurrection, Golden Oldies (GO!) has managed to ensnare one of the hottest teams of the moment (with quite oldschool faces). The fairly young and old, yet active, British-Dutch-German mix has been impressing followers-on as of late with their strong performances in the many online and offline cups/events on which they are involved in, and the experience of some of its members is expected to make them a top nominee for strong LAN showings as well.

The team for now are eager to start competing in as many leagues and cups they can get there hands on. There main priority or THE mission this side of summer it to get promoted with the name of H2k all around Europe, but they will have to practice hard if they are able too as the summer season is coming to an end shortly.

Germany Daniel L-KiNG Luther
Germany Christian kaTana Hofmann
Ireland Ryan dUffER Duffy
United Kingdom Jonathan raz Baker
Netherlands Nick toxjee Hol
Sweden Andreas azeo Westerlund


Daniel Luther - statement

"After some ups and downs during the last weeks, we are pretty happy to join h2k. We've managed to gain some respectable results in the last online comps without really investing time and are now willed to invest time after a summer break, to hopefully attend events after iseries. H2k had a pretty rough time in the last years, but since they renewed the management, we were involved into their development and we are happy to be a part of their future."

Daniel L-KiNG Luther


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