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EPS Poland - Anexis wins over ClanPoland

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ESL Pro Series Season VI Poland for the first time will have League of Legends, what is more ESL staff decided to give LoL instead of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, whcih was pretty surprising for the polish community. Twelve teams will fight in online matches to reach the final four, which will take place in June probably in polish ESL TV Studio in Tychy. We had three qualifiers, where in every tournament four teams could secure their place in ESL Pro Series. Anexis did it in the first qualifier by defeating Surr20 and myANTHOLOGY.

We are in group B with Team Mistral, Clan Poland, FenomenGod, myANTHOLOGY, Gravoria Mament. First round has started already, unfortunately our polish players couldn't play their match versus Clan Poland due to another event - LCS Summer Promotion Qualifier, we've got three penalty points for match against CPL, we don't know if it will be played. Anexis LoL will face Team Mistral this thursday at 19:00 CET in second round, this match is gonna be really interesting. ESL TV Poland is going to stream this match for sure!


EPS VI LoL Groupstage - Round 2 matches:

MeetYourMakers vs. Keita-Gaming

Team Authentic vs. Gruzowe Chrabaszcze 0:1

Imperium Gamers vs. Downfall Esports 0:1

Anexis eSports vs. Team Mistral 0:1

Graviora manent vs. FenomenGod 0:1

myANTHOLOGY vs. Clan Poland 1:0

UPDATE: Our match versus Mistral starts at 20:00 CET, you have ESL TV Poland stream below

UPDATE 2: Unfortunately we lost to Team Mistral

UPDATE 3: We're going to play match from round one versus ClanPoland, ESL TV Poland will stream this match. Keep crossed fingers for ANEXIS!

UPDATE 4: Anexis vs ClanPoland 1:0!


Watch live video from esl_poland3 on


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