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Epic.NINE CoD4 Tournament

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After very succesful happenings back in the eighth version of EPIC.LAN, where the community  ( almost from all over the world ) has gathered, twenty two teams from across Europe competed for one of the largest prize pots so far this year within the UK, the event is back, even better than before on the back of constructive criticism. Starting on Thursday 19th July the event will feature a £2,500 (€2,996) prize pot for twenty four teams.

Epic.EIGHT saw teams flock around and across the UK, grabbing attention from several key European teams, finally seeing a twenty four team event taking place in the heart of Staffordshire at the Uttoxeter Racecourse. There were many incredibly crazy and amazing moments throughout the previous event, from boat races to the first TCM-Gaming vs Fragmasters match, never was there a bored moment, and expect the same stuff and more next time around all starting on Thursday 19th July 2012 and will ends on 22nd of July 2012.

With an increased team cap and a eye watering prize pot it’s a chance you cannot afford to miss out on. That aside, the event organizers have agreed with the American multinational semiconductor chip maker, Intel, who will be supporting the event itself with at least 20 high powered gaming machines. We don’t have a full run down for what is about to come during the summer but, we can already give you some important information about this event to put in your agenda.

Full informations can be found on the following link, more about how to sign-up, activities and services.


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