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RC EMS One Summer begin tomorrow

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The first cup of the new RaidCall EMS One Summer season will take place tomorrow and the best CS:GO teams around Europe will compete for a spot in the group stage.

In the last season, Ninjas in Pyjamas were crowned champions after defeating Fnatic in the grand final, in Cologne, Germany. Our CS:GO team finished 5-8th after losing against VeryGames in the quarter finals, taking home just $2,000.

EMS One Summer

It's time for a new season and here is the Summer season. As in Spring season there will be four online cups with 12 invited teams and 4 teams through the ESL A-Series. After those four cups, the 16 sides who get the most points will qualify for the EMS One group stage, which is also played online. These 16 teams will be drawn into four groups of four teams and the top two teams from each group will fly to Cologne, Germany for the LAN Finals, which will take place in the ESL studios.

The schedule for the RaidCall EMS One Summer 2013:

RaidCall Cup #1 - May 14th/15th
RaidCall Cup #2 - May 21st/22nd
RaidCall Cup #3 - May 28th/29th
RaidCall Cup #4 - June 4th/5th
Group Stage - June 10th - 13th
Live Events Finals - June 29th-30th



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