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CS:GO gets slightly updated

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After last week’s update, Valve has decided to release another update for their latest title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Last week update, Valve has tweaked some weapons in order to satisfy community’s demand. This week’s update directly affects some weapons but that wasn’t entirely the plan of the big company. Some weapons like the Mag 7 and Mac 10, which were changed last week in terms of accuracy, have been give some slight changes this time when it comes to price. Mag 7, which cost 1700$ 2 weeks ago and have been buff to 1900$ last week, has been now reduced by 100$ for now costing 1800$.

In the opposite state, Mac10 has suffered an increased to its price and it now costs 1050$. XM014, one of the shotguns, Valve decided it was too powerful and reduced its damage by 20.

Apart from updating and tweaking some of the weapons once again, Valve has made some changes into de_inferno_se, by correcting some minor bugs. Below you can find the full log of changes on yesterday’s CS:GO update:


  • Mag7 - reduced cost to 1800.
  • Mac10 - increased price to 1050.
  • XM1014 - reduced damage to 20.
  • Body parts penetration code will not register headshot damage when penetrating into the neck hitbox through the chest hitbox, only chest damage will be dealt in this case.


[ MAPS ]

  • Updated de_favela to latest version.
  • Fixed some bugs in de_inferno where the player could get stuck on geometry, fixed some minor bugs.


[ MISC ]

  • If a player was vote kicked from too many recent competitive games the matchmaking system will assign them a competitive cooldown.
  • Added sever command line support for -net_port_try 1 to prevent servers from trying to climb ports if the request port was busy.
  • Fixed a rare grenade physics interaction that could cause grenades to spin in place when thrown at certain kinds of physics props or players.
  • Adjusted default value of sv_maxusrcmdprocessticks server convar to 16 for community servers with default settings to successfully process all user commands from even lowest tickrate and framerate clients.
  • When going to overtime players who survived in the last round will start with empty inventory even though teams don't switch sides.
  • Fixed flashbang number not updating on the hud if you had set "close after buy."

To have access to this update, simply restart your Steam account or try enter into CS:GO for an automatic update.


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