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ClanPoland Changes

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Clan Poland is without a doubt one of the most outstanding teams presently actively participating within the Polish scene and almost worldwide, retaining impressive results including their prosperous and prominent second seat at the Tolkmicko Khaotic Battle event, and and emerging third place at Tembaken. The team ran into problems back in the past however during their defeat at Tembaken, causing one of the major upsets of the tournament, losing first to ALSEN in the winner bracket and sadly have been knocked out during the Consolation final after a passionate overtime period.

For now, it is not about that a team felt like they were losing motivation, or  slowly slipping into the abyss of inactivity, for now, they have welcome a player Hubert Hero?! Kuc who has been in contact with the promising side.

This decision has to be made, because one of their core and heroic member, Oskar alZ Sisi, have found a new job and, unfortunately, due to this fact he would not be able spend his slight of time on playing CoD4 anymore.

Poland Adrian EVO Berger
Poland Piotr heddar Wilk
Poland Pawel fOX Kopala
Poland Jakub FREEqzUR Bogusz
Poland Hubert Hero?! Kuc


Oskar Sisi - statement

"1 week after lan in Kiev, I accepted job offer from film studio which obviously will have some influnce on my freetime or more likely lack of it. After my and my team's performace in Kiev I was really satisfied so it felt like a right moment to give cod a break and focus on real life stuff. I would like to wish cpl best of luck with a new player and I hope they will do their best in upcoming tournaments. Also I would like to thank miczon, who has been supporting me in this and previous cpl team a lot and thanks to him I've been able to attend some really great lans. At last but not least I would like to thank choobie, lubo, froz, paradox, ono, zabuza, stephen, stevy and boco for great time through out few years and also wish them best of luck at upcoming events and in real life. Cheers !"

Oskar alZ Sisi


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