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ASM Summer 2011: TF2 Team With Podium Finish

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Few days back we witnessed one of the strongest events in the Team Fortress 2 world recently. Even though few top tier teams like  Epsilon eSports, ButtonBashers, TCM Gaming ruled themselves out of the attendance, everyone went just sceptical about 2011 edition. It is crucial to point that only a month ago no one was able to predict if there was even going to be a tournament at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. Luckily, things turned out just fine and we were ready for some TF2 action in the arena.

With some astonishing coverage from James "Admirable" McDonnell for we were ready to tune in Helsinki and see what is happening. Prior to the event everyone anticipated the big clash between former Power Gaming team - SG-1 and Anexis eSports who were briefly thrown into the contender title since Team Dignitas decided to skip on this one.

Even though only a few believed that Anexis could manage to top the Finns, Anexis started off surprisingly well and we saw some epic battle, that finally went off into SG-1's favour, crowning them with another title.

All in all, we spectated a huge event with some big memories from the Grand Final that can be brought back via VanillaTV VOD's


1st  SG-1 (€2100)

Jani 'hocz' Laakkonen
Kalle 'hymzi' Honkala
Jari 'dajackal' Litukka
Tuomas 'Punpu' Kunnamom
Tony 'cookye' Hänninen
Lauri 'mafu' Rasi

2nd  Anexis eSports (€1050)

Mika 'TucE' Mäkelä
Oskari 'M0re' Pihlajamäki
Olli 'paavi' Kettunen
Santtu 'Santtu' Salminen
Jari 'Rake' Hyvönen
Henrik 'Honky' Lindström

3rd  Ze Germans and Crew (€500)

Gregory 'Greg' Bushell
Lukas 'basH' Stauffenberg
Rami 'pena' Lehmusto
Timo 'Thy' Krüger
Matthias 'Kurt' Pauli
Jason 'kaidus' Allan

Another big clash is awaiting at the International Centre in Telford as one of the most consistentl tournaments in the game - Insomnia i43, this time with a stunning guaranteed minimum prize pot of £5k!


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anakintm Re: ASM Summer 2011: TF2 Team With Podium Finish

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well played lads

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