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Anexis.LoL with line-up change

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Anexis League of Legends team has decided to make a change to their line-up. Therefore, our Polish team decided to part ways with their jungler, Mateusz "erot1c" Kurdasinski.

After a some-what disappointing weekend at the LCS Summer Season Promotion Qualifier in Cologne, where the team tried to join League of Legends elite, but unfortunately they couldn't make it, they decided to remove Mateusz "erot1c" Kurdasinski from the line-up. Mateusz joined Anexis in Januray this year as a support, but after Intel Extreme Mastrers World Championship he moved to the jungle.

eRot1c and Celaver at IEM World Championship

Mateusz "erot1c" Kurdasinski doesn't have time to focus on the team due to his study and private things and he probabbly will not join another team this year due his lack of time for training activity. Next season of LCS starts in January 2014, so Anexis LoL team has a lot of time to prepare for that. For now, our team still tests new players, focusing on DreamHack qualifiers, ESL Major Series , ESL Pro Series and some other LAN events.

Team manager, Radoslaw "Ayden" Kwiatkowski had the following statement:

"Some time ago we had to say goodbye to one of our players. After a long discussion with Mateusz "eRot1c" Kurdasinski, we decided to split up due to his lack of time for trainings with the team. From now on he will focus more on his studies and a private life. As it goes for the rest of the team, we will try to fill his place with someone else, whose skills are the same level  or even better. In the nearest future we are going to focus on DreamHack qualifiers, ESL Major Series , ESL Pro Series and some other LAN events. We will keep training hard in our Gaming House and slowly prepare for upcoming Season 4 in 6 months."

Current Anexis.LoL line-up:

Poland Remigiusz "Overpow" Pusch

flag Pawel "Celaver" Koprianiuk

flag Marcin "Xaxus" Maczka

flag Lukasz "LeofromKorea" Mirek


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