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Anexis CS:GO with a change!

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After a busy schedule so far, Anexis eSports Counter Strike: GO team has decided for another change within their ranks.

Its time to reveal the recent changes within our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. This time we can announce that George "hudzG" Hoskins will fill up the shoes of Brandon "Weber" Weber


Last month we saw Anexis.CSGO doing a playerswap in their roster having Lewis Hughsy Hughes stepping in for the Norweigan prb.

However once again, its time to put a spotlight on our team as we once again do a playerswap. This time we have to wave goodbye to United Kingdom Brandon "weber" Weber - who's been a core part since they joined Anexis in February.

One of the players said the following:

"Our recent roster change comes to light with the removal of Brandon ‘weber’ Weber despite his performances whilst under the Anexis organisation. Unfortunately it became more apparent that the problems occurring were unfixable, which brings us to our new addition to the team George ‘hudzG’ Hoskins. George has always been a valuable asset to the teams he has played a part of and we feel he brings much more to the table than just his in-game ability, as out of the game is just as important.

We would like to thank our fans and followers and of course are sponsors Ficken Liquors, Razer, FSHost, Twitch, RaidCall and ESET!"


Dan "RE1EASE" Mullan

Filling the spot that Brandon leaves us, the team brings in former George "hudzG" Hoskins - who recently left Team-Dignitas after their short spell in the organisation.

George is an experienced player, having his major background back in Counter-Strike: Source playing in teams such as Mortal Team Work (mTw) . We are more than happy to see a player of his calibre within the ranks of Anexis - and for sure he will do his best to get Anexis towards the throne.

A huge welcome to George - and aswell the best wishes for Brandon.

Anexis are:


United Kingdom Sam 'RattlesnK' Gawn
United Kingdom James 'Mx' Smale
United Kingdom Daniel 'RE1EASE' Mullan
United Kingdom George 'hudzG' Hoskins
United Kingdom Lewis 'Hughsy' Hughes


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