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Anexis wins Best Lan 3

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Anexis was placed in Group D together with Burdel Gaming, WPL Nakurwia and Sagorsia. A group composed only with Polish teams and with not some big names in that country.

Going through the group stage would get easier since WPL Nakurwia unfortunately didn’t show up for the tournament so Anexis only had to play 2 rounds in the group stage. First round would be against Sagorsia and our team didn’t made it easier for their countrymen and with a quick victory, easily placed in the top of the group.

Burdel Gaming was Anexis next and final opponent in the group stage and again, Anexis didn’t show any mercy and claimed the victory as well the top spot of the group.

Next day, Anexis would face Pride in the first round of the playoffs and their first best-of-three match in the tournament. The team started well once again and Pride was no match for our team who eventually lost the match by 2-0.

Second round would be the toughest challenge yet, Anexis was going to face Team Mistral, together with Anexis, one of the candidates to win the tournament.

Anexis managed to win the first map but Mistral didn’t make it easier like the other matches and eventually won the second map, which meant, a third map to decide the winner of this match.

Both teams started really aggressive but Anexis revealed to be stronger and managed to win the third and final map, putting them in the grand finals of the tournament.

Imperium Gamers was the other finalist and the opponent that Anexis had to face for the title in Plock.

Imperium Gamers started with the motivation to surprise Anexis and that was what pretty much happened in the first map. Imperium Gamers came very strong with some important kills and moments and eventually took the first map away from Anexis.

In the second map, Anexis were determined to claim their favorite status in the match and started better in the second map. Better in the key moments of the game, Anexis won the second map and eventually came on top in the third one claiming the Champions title at the domestic event.

Here’s the final standings of the Best Lan 3:

  1. Anexis
  2. Imperium Gamers

Anexis League of Legends team will now focus in their current and future events as they are now participating in the Solomid EU Invitational #4, where they are in the Winner Bracket final to face Esport4Life.



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