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Anexis takes 2nd at EPS Poland finals

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Anexis League of Legends division takes 2nd place at ESL Pro Series Poland after losing against MeetYourMakers in the grand final with a 2-0 score. The EPS finals held in Tychy, Poland, last weekend.

For the finals have qualified the best two teams from those two groups, which were played online. In the online phase, our team topped group B, losing just against GF-Gaming in the secound round, while MeetYourMakers topped group A, after winning all matches. Therefore, our Polish side has faced and defeated easly Keita-Gaming in the first match of the EPS Poland finals. After beating Imperium Gamers in the first match, our "rivals" from MeetYourMakers managed to take their revenge, beating us in the grand final and taking home the big prize of $3,120. In the consolation final, Imperium Gamers defeated Keita-Gaming, going home with $935. The complete final standings overview can be found below:

1st Poland MeetYourMakers - $3,120
2nd Poland Anexis eSports e.V - $1,560
3rd Poland Imperium Gamers - $935
4th Poland Keita-Gaming - $620



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