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Anexis with changes

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After a somewhat turbulent year, our Danish powehouse struggled to find a decent combination that is ready to show some potential threat to the top of the scene. Ever since Friis disbanded from the team to join fnaticRC, the results always stay on the margin and the Danes couldn't really manage to leave a sufficient mark or even find a proper substitution to fill his shoes.

Even though they could be marked as the team with the biggest amount of 14-16 losses, maybe ever, they still kept a decent team spirit and motivation. Now they are ready to announce two new names in the roster in order to provide bigger things in the future. The recipe for success seems to be Danish youth and we are thrilled to see how will they manage to cope with big expectations

With a new pickup, the team just couldn't put the time into the game anymore, which resulted with few unmemorable results over the course of the year, especially the ones at IEM World Finals in Germany.

Those very same resulty were simply needed to stay behind and although they received some bad comments were pointed towards SFM, who was the newest addition to the squad. Most of the comments weren't really deserved since he really put up some respectable performance, picking up entry frags and clutching his rounds. Last stop was the Copenhagen Games event, which featured quite a few respectable names on the board. Overall performance at the event was marked as decent, while everyone is still regretting that unlucky round versus Lemondogs which could've launched the team into a top five finish in the end.


"Today we can finally announce our new lineup for the Counter-strike 1.6 team. For some time now the team have struggled to find the last player for the lineup. The team have tried out a lot of players in the past six months but in the end it was decided not only to find one player but two players for the team. This was necessary because zE didn’t had the time for practice as much as the team wanted to. This means that zE will no longer be a part of our lineup but will only act as backup player if needed."

Nicolaj ‘Nuggi’ Larsen

New faces in the team are the young guys, Frederik ‘LOMME’ Nielsen and Jonas ‘Zanoj’ Velling. You might remember the last one from the Danish team Xapso, that did managed to deliver few notable performance in the past months.

The new players:

Denmark Frederik ‘LOMME’ Nielsen is 18 years old and a bright new shining star on the Danish CS scene. Not many players knew Frederik before Copenhagen Games 2012 but at this event he had a big entrance to the scene. We had the chance to watch a couple of Frederik’s games at the event and he was playing extremely well and was one of the main reasons why his team Last Kings made an upset and forced SK into overtime in their match. We have tested Frederik for a month now and so far he is fitting better for the team each day.

Frederik left the following comment:

"I was offered the chance to play with the guys and I was happy to finally be able to play some serious CS. So far it's been going well and I think we've achieved some good results so far. Hopefully we will be able to attend some lans and continue to improve our game. I definitely think we can achieve even better results in the future."

Denmark Jonas ‘Zanoj’ Velling is  18 years old and another quite new talent on the Danish scene. He has been around on the Danish scene a bit longer than Frederik but we believe he still has lot of unrevealed potential in his game. Jonas has previously caused our team a lot of trouble when he played for Xapso , so after his release from Xapso we quickly contacted him for trying him out on our team. Jonas has already showed the perfect motivation and skill for our team, so the choice to offer him a spot in the lineup was easy.

Jonas had the following to say:

"After my dismissal from Xapso, I was soon hooked on to getting a new team and it had to be fast, so I wouldn't loose my motivation for playing at a high level. Then I was so fortunate to be contacted by Anexis for a tryout position. It has now evovled into something good and I expect a bright future for our team. I believe we already have achieved some fair results. But I also think we have a lot to work on. I'm so motivated for future lan events and I'm so focused on perform well at our tournaments whether it's online or offline. I hope we will do well."

The team is currently competing Balkan League, ASUS online cup and the Fnatic Play league. Regarding some online competitions, all eyes are pointed towards the Dreamhack summer event that will be taking place in June.

Anexis CS 1.6 are:

  • Denmark Danny ‘Berry’ Krüger
  • Denmark Marco ‘Snappi’ Pfeiffer
  • Denmark Nicolaj ‘Nuggi’ Larsen
  • Denmark Frederik ‘LOMME’ Nielsen
  • Denmark Jonas ‘Zanoj’ Velling


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