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Anexis presents: Gamersuniform

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Over the course of the past few months, Anexis management has been working loads on attracting new and inovative partners into the organisation so today we can proudly announce that we managed to appeal the famous gameware manufacturer - GAMERSUNIFORM. Our new sponsors will be in charge of giving our teams a completely attractive and a brand new look in their offline endeavours and of course advertise our sponsors and potentiate the promotion they required.


Jerseys are an extremely important aspect of any professional gaming team. This is the primary form of advertisement at LAN events for our sponsors such as ZOWIE GEAR. An aesthetic design which catches the eye will help to put our sponsors and players names out to the community. Once again, Anexis is ecstatic to have GAMERSUNIFORM on board as our official outfitter.




We have been searching for a quite some time, to find a suitable organisation, and who would be better than a number one clothing provider in eSports - GAMERSUNIFORM. Let's be honest, we are all waiting for our first event to see the guys shine on podium with a revamped look, they are making us proud for a while now and got us used to success, that is what will be cherished in the future as well.



"Jerseys are the primary form of advertisement at LAN events for every player and sponsor. The importance we place in the high standard wear for our players can only be implemented by the best gamers teamwear company on the market: GAMERSUNIFORM! gu is the number one on the market and offers an unique teamwear experience and I couldn't think of anyone better to print the Anexis teamwear for the next year to separate us from the crowd. I can't wait to see the jerseys at the next offline event!"

Benno 'ifactioN' Lautmann

On the other hand, we came up with a little treat for our fans as we will be making jerseys available in the very near future in the Anexis shop for our visitors and fans to purchase - even with your players favourite name printed!


"After some nice talkings with Andreas, Gamersuniform is proud to give Anexis the support they asked for. In our nice coversation we talk about the goals of Anexis eSports e.V. which are the same as Gamersuniform: be a professional and look like a professional. We are really happy to have found an nice and professional organisation like Anexis and we hope we could cooperate for a very long time! "
Jerry - CEO Gamersuniform

We are proud to announce GAMERSUNIFORM as the official outfitter of Anexis eSports e.V.! GAMERSUNIFORM will be supporting the professional teams of Anexis, collecting some of the best squads in the world, such as, Counter-Strike Source, Call of Duty 4, Quake Live and our console teams.


Anexis eSports teams will be wearing the high quality gear provided by GAMERSUNIFORM to every event they will attend, such as MSI Grunex,, 30P #2 so stay tuned on the new Anexis branched website for more information about our teams, partnerships and future conquests.




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RobbeNp Re: Anexis presents: Gamersuniform

kommentiert am 19.08.2011 - 16:40 Uhr

nice one!

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Sensor Re: Anexis presents: Gamersuniform

kommentiert am 17.08.2011 - 22:10 Uhr

Brilliant! Can't wait to wear these.

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God Re: Anexis presents: Gamersuniform

kommentiert am 17.08.2011 - 19:05 Uhr

Great news, I am sure the jerseys will be magnificent x)

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anakintm Re: Anexis presents: Gamersuniform

kommentiert am 17.08.2011 - 17:37 Uhr

wow, phenomenal news...this is going to be huge!

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fAlsu Re: Anexis presents: Gamersuniform

kommentiert am 17.08.2011 - 14:17 Uhr

Yay, great news!

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R0SS Re: Anexis presents: Gamersuniform

kommentiert am 17.08.2011 - 13:15 Uhr


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ifactioN Re: Anexis presents: Gamersuniform

kommentiert am 17.08.2011 - 00:03 Uhr

nice !!!!! looking forward to the nice jerseys!

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