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Anexis parts ways with LoL squad

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Today is a rather sad day as we bid farewell to our League of Legends squad, after around half a year of up's and down's.

After opening the gaming house for them, 6 months ago, we expected some big results especialy at LCS EU Summer Promotion, but there they failed to impress, losing in the first round against Samurai in Jeans. The Poles also tried to qualify for the main event at DreamHack in Sweden, but this time one of our players had some ID problems and the team was forced to play in the BYOC tournament with their manager. Unfortunately, the guys were eliminated in the last round of BYOC by Dark Passage.

However, the Polish team managed to bring home some good results, like 1st place at ESL Major Series Spring 2013 Nordic & East, 2nd place at IEM Brasil or 5/6th place at Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2013.


Toni Milicevic, Business Development Manager says:

"Today we are really sad to announce that we will be parting ways with our League of Legends division. From the first day since they team joined our ranks, we had enormous belief in them, hoping that they will manage to achieve high goals that they set in front of them.

We opened our first gaming house specially for the team, which provided them with the best practice possible, in order to prepare for big events coming up. Unfortunately, the Poles failed to deliver to the expectations at crucial events like the LCS and Dreamhack Qualifiers, which ended up being the last events with the team under our wing.

It was a real pleasure to work with such a respectable and professional team and we are sure that they will manage to find a proper home within days."

Toni Milicevic



Radoslaw Kwiatkowski, LoL Team manager says:

"So the time has come to part our ways with Anexis eSports after 6 months of working together. In this past half year,  we’ve been training in a Gaming House in Poland where we could highly improve our individual skills and teamwork. As a part of Anexis, we took 5/6th place at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2013, 2nd place at the IEM Brasil, 1st place at ESL Major Series Spring 2013 or 2nd place at ESL Pro Series Season VI. We were truly happy to work with such great organization and from our side, we would like to say ‘thank you’ for supporting us so long. We are grateful to the management and FICKEN Liquors our main sponsor, who made everything possible. It is thanks to them that we could get so far and we will never forget it. In the meantime, we are going to look for a new home which can help us improve even more. Thanks!"

Radoslaw 'Ayden' Kwiatkowski


ex-Anexis will not disband as a team, they will continue playing together and we truly wish them the best where they go.

This does not mean that we intend to close our League of Legends section. We are already looking for a new team.


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