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Anexis partner with Esportclothing

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We are extremly happy to announce our new partnership with gaming clothes specialists, Esportclothing.



From today, one of the best eSports manufacturers company, Esportclothing is partner with Anexis to make sure that all of our players lives up with the best standard of clothing. We are all waiting for our first event to see the guys shine on podium with a revamped look. They are making us proud for a while now and got us used to success, that is what will be cherished in the future as well.

Stefan "cros1x" Bahmen, Business & Logistics manager had this to say:

"Jerseys are the primary form of advertisement at LAN events for every player and sponsor. The importance we place in the high standard wear for our players can only be implemented by the best gamers teamwear company on the market: ESPORTCLOTHING! Esportclothing is the number one on the market and offers an unique teamwear experience and I couldn't think of anyone better to print the Anexis teamwear for the next year to separate us from the crowd!"

Stefan 'cros1x' Bahmen


Esportclothing director Martin Ekel had the following to say:

"I'm glad that i can provide the team wear for Anexis, it's well known based organization with a big Fan group. We have some pretty good partners, and i think that Anexis fits perfectly in our partner group. A lot of people know me for my quality and customer support, and i'm glad that i can provide them with that now."

Martin Ekel

About Esportclothing: Esportclothing is offering a unique team-wear look, and our customers and their partners / sponsors will look professional and slick. We can call ourselves an all-round service company. From the first design, to the delivery of your high quality products. For us is cheap prices, quality and customer support everything. In (e)sport is exposure a high priority, and with the help of our graphic artists that won’t be any problem. They will help you find the best way to expose yourself and your team(s).

Anexis eSports teams will be wearing the high quality gear provided by Esportclothing to every event they will attend, so stay tunned on the new Anexis branched website for more information about our teams, partnerships and future conquests.

We highly recommend Esportclothing to other eSports organisations who need any kind of outfit. In addition to designing and making eSport outfits Esportclothing has a lot of experience and knowledge about eSport itself.

Please take a closer look on our new partner social medias:


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Sensor Re: Anexis partner with Esportclothing

kommentiert am 04.07.2013 - 20:16 Uhr

Amazing! Can't wait to wear these!

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