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Anexis part ways with CS:GO team

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After a prolongue period, we have reached the crossroads with one of the most cemented CS:GO teams from the UK, gathered around the talisman face of Sam "RattlesnK" Gawn, who led the team at the various events in the past few months.

This decision comes with an immediate effect, after the team fell short at events like ESL Major Series and District Prague, which resulted with splitting up.

hudzG said the following:

"All good things come to an end and unfortunately that end is today. I'd like to thank Anexis and the sponsors for their time in the organisation, they were always professional and always delivered on their promises. But unfortunately when we most needed to perform we fell short which has lead to our removal. I'd like to wish them the best of luck in the future and hope that they find a team that can represent them, as they deserve to be on the map of E-sports and at the pinnacle of the game. Finally I would like to wish Toni a special thanks for his support over the past month and to the fans who did support us along this route.

I can't say what the future holds right now but hope to see you all soon."

George 'hudzG' Hoskins

Our now-former British lineup joined our ranks back in February, at the same time we decided to release our Danish team from their duties. The Brits had a huge veil of potential gathered around their roster, with astonishingly sound names and a big promising results coming ahead. After the win at the iSeries in Telford, the team headed to Copenhagen Games, where they were on of the stronger names attending. After a great groupstage performance, the team unfortunately fell short in the playoffs, due to the arguements with Norwegian player "Prb", who left the team short after the event.

Anexis manager Toni Milicevic added:

"After a lovely period of six months since we picked this team up, today is the moment when we have to say goodbye.

I personally think that no one can really deny the professionalism and effort these guys invested in the past few months, but unfortunately some details have led their performance to a different path than they planned to achieve.
I have no doubt that these five players have really bright future in front of them, whether they stick together or they choose to pursue their chance within other rosters, but their potential as players and individuals surely holds big things ahead of them.

Once again I'd like to say thanks to Jim, Sam, Dan, Lewis, George and others who represented our colours (Preben, Brandon and Mole). It has been an enjoyable ride.

I would also like to point out that this is not an ending for our story in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and that Anexis will be back on the market, looking for other coming prospects within the scene who will represent our flag in the future.

Last but not the least, huge props to our sponsors and partners in the shape of Ficken, Razer, Esportclothing, FSHost, Twitch and RaidCall who made this all possible."

Toni 'anakin' Milicevic

Next ventures, such as Mad Catz Invitational in Birmingham and ESL Major Series LAN finals in Cologne weren't succesfull, even with an addition like Lewis "Hughsy" Hughes, the team simply couldn't break a curse that was set in front of them. That resulted in yet another roster change where Brandon "Weber" Weber was swap with George "hudzG" Hosking, an enourmous icon in the scene, who joined the team from the ranks of Team Dignitas.

Mx commented on the situation in his own fashion

"I would like to thank Anexis for the support they showed us over the past 6 months, especially through the up's and many down's. They never gave up on us, and respected our many changes within the team. But sadly there comes a time where something can't continue. It's been a pleasure to work with Anexis, especially Toni and Stefan, and I hope they will find a team deserving of their time and effort.

I would like to thank Razer, and Ficken Liqeours for there trust in promoting their products. As a lineup we will be going our separate ways in trend with the current reshuffle in the scene, the games changing and people need to be able too adapt to change.

A closing statement - Anexis needed a Top sniper."

James 'Mx' Smale

The last event for the team within Anexis was District Prague, where they faced the likes of Natus Vincere and a Polish-French-Russian mix team called Nostalgie. The team didn't have many problems heading to playoffs, but after taking the first map over the mentioned European mix, the stuff just went on a completely different path. After losing two maps in a row, the team had to face nEophyte in a third match decider, while Nostalgie marched on to beat Na'Vi, taking the crown back to their headquarters.


That summed it up for the team, which leaves them parting ways with our organisation. It is still unclear what the future holds for them, even if it's heavily discussed that they will be parting ways really soon.

As for us, we will be facing another challenge, which is finding a decent substitution for a team of this calibre, but one thing is for sure - we will not be giving up on Counter Strike: Global Offensive so make sure you keep an eye on our website because big things are coming up.


Former Anexis were:

George 'hudzG' Hoskins
Sam 'RattlesnK' Gawn
Jim 'Mx' Smale
Dan 'Re1ease' Mullan
Lewis 'Hughsy' Hughes



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