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Anexis eSports ventures into BO2

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Anexis eSports e.V is glad to announce that we picked up a Black Ops 2 squad to join our organisation, which puts us on the map in the Xbox scene.

Today we welcome an all-UK lineup, lead by Joshua "Sensor" Pascoe, who will be representing us both online and offline. These players fit right in our organisation and we believe they are able to be a top competitor. Previously on Black Ops 1 Joshua "Sensor" Pascoe and Mark "FaTaL" Woodhouse teamed in another Anexis team, placing 5/6th at European Games League 3.


Business & Logistics manager, Stefan "cros1x" Bahmen had the following statement:

"Today im very excited to see a BO2 console team joining our ranks, this is a team with such great talent and so keen to start representing the Anexis eSports name. Moving into the console scene is a required step at this time, specially with the Hype around the new addition to the cod series. I think it was about time we picked an awesome team of young and exciting talents that is ready to take the challenge to build towards the top of europe. Our brand new team will be present at the EGL 10 next month flying the Anexis banner. We all wish our new roster the very best of luck. Finally, shout-outs to our partners Ficken Liquors, Razer, Twitch, RaidCall and EloHell for their amazing support and turning this team into reality!"

Stefan 'cros1x' Bahmen
Team captain, Joshua "Sensor" Pascoe says:

"I am very excited about working with Anexis again, I feel this is the team which can challenge the top teams of Europe and gain a very respectful placement at our next event EGL10 in Sheffield, United Kingdom. We would all like to thank our sponsors and partners Ficken Liquors, Razer, Twitch, RaidCall and EloHell for the support they will be giving us."

Joshua 'Sensor' Pascoe


Anexis Black Ops 2 squad are currently part of the Pre-EGL10 Online cup playing for £500 and a set of Turtle Beach X12s each and on the 10th of July the Anexis Black Ops 2 team will be in attendence of the next EGL event in Sheffield, United Kingdom to face off the best teams in the world.


Anexis eSports e.V Black Ops 2 is:

United Kingdom Joshua "Sensor" Pascoe
United Kingdom Mark "FaTaL" Woodhouse
United Kingdom Jordan "JordyB" Burns
United Kingdom Ryan "RyaNN" Riding
United Kingdom Chris "Valiant" Kelly (Coach)


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Sensor Re: Anexis eSports ventures into BO2

kommentiert am 04.07.2013 - 18:19 Uhr

Great to be back! Thanks again to Anexis and all of our sponsors and partners!

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