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Anexis beat MYM to win EMS Spring

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Anexis League of Legends team managed to win ESL Major Series Spring Season after beating MeetYourMakers in the grand final of the tournament with a 2-1 score. Our very own Polish team has used Sebastian "NiQ" Robak in the grand final as 5th.

Beside Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DotA 2 tournaments, which were the main titles, Electronic Sports League had hosted EMS tournaments also for other games, but with smaller prizes.

Our League of Legend team hasn't lost any match through the entire tournament, winning a total of five matches, including a big win against MeetYourMakers in the grand final. Therefore, Anexis win the Spring season of ESL Major Series, taking home 2,500€. The complete final standings overview can be found below:

1st. Poland Anexis eSports e.V - 2,500€
2nd. Poland MeetYourMakers - 1,500€
3rd. Lithuania - 1,000€


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