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Anexis at LCS Summer Promotion Qualifier

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Our League of Legends team had an opportunity to join the League of Legends elite - Championship series in last weekend at Summer Season Promotion Qualifier in Cologne, Germany. Anexis and seven other teams came to LCS studio to fight for the Summer slot first versus challenger teams and later versus players from Spring Split.

We faced Samurai in Jeans in first round, this team can be known also as Esport4Life, when under this name they showed pretty good level in the TSM invitationals. With this roster they play together since March 19th, when YoungBuck, Unlimited and extinkt joined the team. Polish fans expected Anexis to win in Best of Three and face Copenhagen Wolves, but as you probably know Anexis LoL didn't do it. In first game we started pretty bad, SIJ got the first blood on our support - Lukasz 'Leofromkorea' Mirek. Unfortunately lane swap didn't work in this game, our Sona was again killed at 4:00 by the opponent. Later Samurai in Jeans got more and more advantage and they finished after 30 minutes with baron nashor.

In second game SIJ again got the first blood, but just after that our jungler secured the kill on opponent Karthus. It's needed to say that second game Anexis definitely played better and match was balanced till teamfight at 24:00 near the dragon, where Samurai in Jeans got four kills with only losing one player. Opponent again got the baron nashor and after more than 40 minutes destroyed Anexis LoL players dream about being in the LCS.

Samurai in Jeans didn't qualify to the LCS, Copenhagen Wolves secured their place in League of Legends elite. In second round teams played in Best of Five system, danish guys won first game, SIJ second and later CPH won next two games and they did it, like everyone expected. What is more, french side - Against All Authority didn't secure their slot in LCS Summer, Sinners Never Sleep won all three games and we had a small surprise. Other two teams who joined League of Legends Championship Series are Meet Your Makers and Team ALTERNATE. Unfortunately Anexis isn't there, our players will prepare for coming Dreamhack Summer in June.

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