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Swirling impeller

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happywork: Swirling impeller

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The impeller of this type of impeller is partly or completely reduced by the impeller. Therefore, it has no blockage performance, super particle ability and long fiber passing ability. Particles move in a pressurized water chamber driven by eddy currents generated by impeller rotation. Suspended particles do not generate energy by themselves, but exchange energy with liquid in the flow passage. In the process of flow, suspended particles or long fibers do not contact with the blades, the wear of the blades is lighter, and there is no gap increased due to wear. In the long run, the efficiency will not be seriously reduced. The pump with this type of impeller is suitable for pumping medium containing large particles and long fibers.[url=]LPG Vane Pump[/url] From the performance point of view, the efficiency of the impeller is low, only about 70% of the ordinary closed impeller, and the head curve is relatively flat. Closed impeller[url=]10t 36m 3.0kw Single Stage Single Suction Centrifugal Pump[/url] This type of impeller has higher normal efficiency. The pump with this type of impeller has smaller axial force and can install auxiliary vanes on the front and rear cover plates. The vice blades on the front cover can reduce the vortex loss and the wear of the particles on the sealing ring. The secondary blades on the back cover plate not only balance the axial force, but also prevent suspended particles from entering the mechanical seal chamber to protect the mechanical seal. However, the impeller has poor plug-free performance and is easy to winding. It is not suitable for pumping large particles (long fibers) and other end-treated sewage media. [url=]Seal For Pump For Sale[/url]

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