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What is , How to & Tips | Amazing Secrets Cited by Long Married Couples That Saved Their Marriages The best time to save your marriage is before it needs saving. Save Your Marriage with flowers, romance, compliments and affirmations, as you did in the beginning.


Imagine back.


– Did you fight with other kids, especially your siblings?


– Did smart off to your parents and storm off?


– Did you show resentment to a coworker who was not pulling their weight?


Has your behavior towards your partner become more like your reactions to family and coworkers? When you were head over heels in love , did you treat your partner with impatience or disdain?


How is it that some couples regard the marriage license as a license to change how they treat one another? As a business owner, if you happily woo a potential client and the client becomes tough, would you begin treating the customer with disdain? I don think so. Your treatment of the client would remain cordial and solicitous. You would smile, laugh at his jokes and deposit his money. And you can bet that if you took better care of that businessman than any other company had, he would get easier to deal with and stick with you forever.


But , thats business, you might say. Mmmm, lets think about that. A business client is more important than your partner, your love, your companion? Business is run on contracts; but how wonderful if the marriage license were looked upon as the most critical contract of peoples lives.


A paradigm shift took place when my therapist let me hear his opinion. He thinks that persons in a marriage would be much less likely to take one another for granted if they feared their partner might leave them.


Can you see your partner as your number one client , to be treated as if you don want to lose him or her?


Maybe the company owner doesn have to deal directly with the client every day. Maybe he has a customer service department and a marketing department that keep his client happy and aware of the value he is receiving at their company. Lucky company owner – but you don have that luxury. You need those departments, if you wish to hang onto the most important person, your life companion.


This shift has changed the way I relate to my partner; it can do the same for you. If you upgrade your treatment of your partner, it will bring a positive change in them. The law of cause and effect is in play. Cause and effect is a rule of nature. Embrace this power for your benefit. How? Romance.


Plan and execute a romantic plan to re-engage your partner. Imagine it this way:


1. Your inner marketing department plans a sure fire romance campaign.


2. Draw upon your customer service sense to deliver the romantic events.


3. Your spouse is blown away, they smile , they aren so cranky anymore.


4. They luxuriate in the feeling of being treated as your most special person.


5. This marriage becomes warm and loving and worth keeping forever.


Prime in your Romance Campaign is a weekly date set at a specific time, never to be cancelled. Dating will change over the years, as you change. For instance:


1. In early marriage and before children you will have the time and energy to make your dates fun and adventurous.


2. Career demands may squeeze that date down to an evening out.


3. As babies come, you may have to carve out that time in the early morning or at night after the kids are in asleep. (These cannot be times you work in the garden!)


4. As the children grow, your dates may be in the bleachers of their baseball games.


5. Dates should encourage laughter and build happy moments to reflect upon during times of stress.


6. In later years do things that get you out with others and keep you active. Ballroom dancing is great exercise and creates intimacy and peals of laughter , if you are just learning.


Do not make the mistake of skipping date night when life gets busy. We had a regular date night. is one of the most common answers from long married couples when asked, How did you do it?


Even better, strengthen yours and another couples marriage by going on a double date. A new study looked at the feelings about their marriage from couples who double date – both couples feel more positive about their relationship. One thing that drives commitment is how much the lives of husbands and wives intersect,, says Richard Slatcher , co-author of the study. Having a great experience with another couple brings new freshness to and enhancement of a couples relationship.


Treat your spouse better than a valued client – thinking up ways to help them see the benefit of YOU. The ideal place to create the feeling of being valued is on a date. Make your partner and your relationship your first priority by always making time for a weekly date. If you make this part of your save your marriage campaign, you will create a long lived relationship.


Author Bio: Zia Wright has spent the last 20 years studying relationship issues and providing insight to friends and followers. If you would like to learn more about tools, tips and secrets on how to save your marriage, visit this relationship experts web site http:savemarriagetools. You will get substantive tools on how to avoid divorce and much much more.


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