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Is there any problem with the quality of the floor itself?

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happywork: Is there any problem with the quality of the floor itself?

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Photocatalyst as a new type of material, in theory, will not cause secondary pollution, however, due to the different manufacturers of photocatalyst technology, it can not say photocatalyst will not cause secondary pollution. In addition, the use of photocatalyst operation is more complicated, generally provided by a dedicated service company to use.

Purifier treatment Currently on the market of air purifier is divided into negative ions, ozone type, filtration adsorption, electrostatic integration and photocatalyst type. Different air purifiers have different working principles, such as negative ions is through the production of negative ions, decomposition of air odor and attached to the dust, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying indoor air. Air purifiers have some efficacy in the absorption of formaldehyde, but air purifiers are generally only effective in confined spaces. If you use the air purifier in the case of a window, there is not only no effect but also wasting electricity.

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