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How does summertime wood floor maintain

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happywork: How does summertime wood floor maintain

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In living in the life daily, wooden floor use frequency is taller, [url=]green pergola material europe Bengal[/url] and be damaged easily bfew ineffable things, what to have after alkilledoes the likelihood damage wooden floor? Ask you must pie-eyed attention looked:

1, water

Because ligneous is natural characteristic, the meeting when encountering water, be affected with damp be affected with damp expands.

2, smooth

Woodiness floor because the property of its lumber itself,[url=]cheap landscape timbers lafayette la[/url] cannot expose folong time be in in sunshine or ultraviolet ray, the thing that uses the sunshade such as the curtain when necessary is obstructed.

3, furniture clog

When shift of furniture, mensal, chair or the chair of use gyro wheel,[url=]Cost Of Composite Wall Profiling[/url] easy cause floor scratch. Should take put down gently gently and soft mat protection is increased on foot of furniture, desk, chair, in order to prolong the service life of the floor.

4, high temperature article

Avoid to will warm furnace or other heating electric equipment are placed directly as far as possible go up in the floor.

5, caustic

Avoid all sorts of drug to taste use on the floor,[url=]recycled wooden ranch fencing[/url] if be aspersed on the floor carelessly,wipe promptly please.

6, chemical

After the floor is like the solution such as agent of the hair that be caught, shoeshine to pollute, keep clear of very hard. Avoid to use chemical reagents to wipfloor, otherwise the floor can produce Bai Hua. If soaked chemical dishcloth is long over park floor creatfloor board easily become angry.

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