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CSGO - Euro Challenge INFOS & RULES

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cros1x: CSGO - Euro Challenge INFOS & RULES

verfasst am15.04.2012 - 20:03 Uhr

Anexis eSports are happy to announce the first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cup. Anexis Euro Challenge #1.



The date for this tournament is Wednesday 5th January 201XX and sign ups will close 2 hours before the cup starts.

To sign up for this tournament simply reply on the topic in our forums for Anexis Euro Challenge under Tournaments and fill out your teams information and contact details. Please also enter #anexis to send results and frequent updates on the brackets.

The cup will start at 18:30 GMT which is 19:30 CET.

All results in this cup will help towards anything you plan and with the match against our very own Counter-Strike Source team, it is a chance to show your skill to the upper tier of the community.

Tournament breakdown

Maximum teams: 64 (128 If enough sign ups)
Start date: Wednesday 5th January 2011
Signups Close:
Wednesday 5th January 2011
Straight Knockout (no Lowerbracket!)

Prizes: 1st place: 200€   2nd place: 100€   3rd place: 50€  4th place: 25€

Tournament Admins:




Cup Rules


Every round in the brackets, the Euro Challenge administrator will choose the map. The map chosen for each round will be shown at the top of the brackets.

It is mandatory to field atleast 4 players. If less than 3 players are not present 10 minutes after the appointed time of the round start, you will be disqualified from the cup.

Knife for side is mandatory in every game. If you or a member of your team smoke, flash or nade into the playing area of the map, you will automatically lose the knife round. If you shoot your opponent you will also lose the knife round.

The mandatory setting for each and every game is mr15 which is first to 16 rounds (rcon exec esl5on5.cfg). If the map ties up at 15-15, then you will automatically be subject to play mr5 in order to play overtime at first to 6 rounds. The overtime has to be played with startmoney 5000$.

Anexis EURO Challenge administrators will decide which maps will be played at each cup, but during the Grand Final you are to choose each map by VETO (VETO rule explained at the bottom of the page).

Atleast 1 player from each team is mandatory to join the Anexis eSports IRC Channel which is as follows: #anexis in QuakeNet

If you haven't heard from your opponent, 15 minutes after the round start, you are required to talk to an administrator. The administrator will contact the opponent for the next 5 minutes. If the team still fail to contact within that 5 minutes, they will be disqualified from the cup.


  • de_dust2_se
  • de_nuke_ve
  • de_train_se
  • de_inferno_se
  • de_mirage_csgo

(Custom maps will be played on special cups ran by the Anexis eSports Cup administrators. They will be announced if so and added to this list.)


It is mandatory for the server to be updated with the latest ESL settings and for VAC to be turned on.


Afterthe match, you are required to take a screenshot of the score with atleast 1 opponent still in the server and a rcon status screen. You will then have to upload this screenshots and send it to any of the Anexis eSports Cup administrators in the IRC channel at the following: #anexis in QuakeNet


It is mandatory to record using the following layout:
/record euro_nickname_team_vs_team_site-t/ct

All demos will be reviewed at the end of the Anexis Euro Challenge by the administrators. This is to ensure that the cup will run smoothly and without any functioning problems. The next round can not begin unless the demo is uploaded to a link format and submitted to an administrator.

If you fail to upload your demo on request, you and your team will be disqualified. We cannot justify the disqualification with solid evidence, but we believe that you will be hiding something from the administrators in the form of cheats, exploits and glitches.

No demos will be given to any player of a team unless we publically display it as a form of evidence for a ban or to make people aware of said player or team.

Reasons for disqualification:

Whatever we see fit is why you will be disqualified. You will always be notified of why you are disqualified and below is a few reasonable disqualificaton guidelines:

Wrong server settings
Invalid number of fielded players
ESL bans
Abuse towards admins
Cheats, Glitches and exploits
Failed to upload the requested demos in time or failed to upload requested demos.



Final Standings


1. tba

2. tba

3. tba

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